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Intuition, chance, and an open mind: This is how Cerise Laby and Julie Marchand met, how they became fast friends, and how they decided to plunge themselves into the ever-expanding world of travel journalism, specializing in building a francophone media platform for fellow globetrotters and soul-searchers. An impromptu trip to Valencia to visit a mutual friend linked them intellectually and emotionally, and Where’s the F was developed a few years later, “between two glasses of wine and a walk on the beach” in southwestern France, explains Cerise.

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It all began during an Erasmus in Denmark. A Belgian (me, Julie) and a Canadian (Hayden) had a mix up. I was trying to say what the F**?
I know not really poetic but so useful on every occasion.

He would hear « where is the F? » Every time (the English accent is not my forte, thumbs up if you know it too well fellow non-native English reader).
We would then have a ridiculous conversation about the search for the F (to be understood as the meaning of life) that would lead to great quotes such as « it’s not about finding the F*, but about the journey » or « the F* is a state of mind ».

This anecdote became a recurrent subject of conversation and would always come with philosophical discussions sometimes deep, sometimes crazy ass bananas, but always interesting. I started to think seriously about it when I graduated. I kind of felt empty inside and had no idea what the next step should be. I’m not the only one, young or less young. We are all looking for something, whether it is love, adventure, a dream job, peace, freedom…

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